Busy Bees

Upon logging in I just realized it has been THREE MONTHS since my last update. What? How? I’ll spare you the apologies because if you know me, you already knew I have a hard time keeping up with things. This is my second blog attempt in my adult life and the other had long silent periods, as well. My friend made a suggestion to use the WordPress App to update more often, but possibly share less. I will try to do that in the future so that you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

Even though I’ve fallen into a rut with my blogging I’ve kept on with my projects. The longest ongoing project I’ve been working on is the knitted Christmas Mitten Garland Advent Calendar by Kat Lewinski, see my featured picture. I made one of these last year as well, but made that one with worsted weight yarn so the mittens turned out to be hand sized. I hung them on the curtain rod and just had to keep the curtains open for the month. Let’s face it, 24 regular sized mittens were just too heavy for some cutesy little garland, my mistake.

Last year’s Christmas set-up with the hand-sized mittens.

My intention was to fill it up with different activities for Josh and I to do each day but I finished it a little late so that didn’t really happen; this year we will for sure. I will keep you posted with what activities we decide to include.  Back to the set I’m on now. I’ve made it to #16 but man am I losing steam! I’ve done a ton of projects in between to keep myself busy so I will share some of those in the coming days. The current set is kind of hard to photograph well because of the red, do you ever have that problem? So far, so good and I still have a while before Christmas with only 8 left to do. Now I have to decide what to do with it when it’s done, anyone need an Advent Garland? 😉


One thought on “Busy Bees

  1. I’m so excited that your doing the mittens again! I loved it’s when you did them last year. It was fun seeing a new one every week. Your so talented! If your serious about seeing the garland I want to be first in line. 🙂


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