In the Blink of an Eye

Suddenly it’s Monday again, we’re all running around chasing our tails and wondering what happened to our beloved weekend. I’m not working right now so weekends aren’t much of a change for me except for the fact that I get a little extra time with Josh. That’s honestly the only reason I have to look forward to them. Saturday was one of those beautiful Spring days that you dream about year round. We went to Farm Days in downtown Valdosta when we woke up, went over to Bleu Cafe for a nice lunch and sat outside, went to a thrift shop that we’ve kept meaning to check out, and came home to lay around in the hammock for a couple of hours. The weather was warm but with a nice chilled breeze that balanced it out perfectly; it was the kind of day you leave your doors and windows open to air out the house. Sunday was a lazy day so I won’t waste your time with details, just know we were useless in every sense of the word. Monday marked 10 years that Josh and I have been together as a couple, forget the weekend, where have those 10 years gone?

IMG_2103Last night Josh and I tried out another new recipe. No matter how many bananas I buy, I will always have ones that ripen too much before I can use them. Once I know it’s heading in that direction I pop them into the fridge to slow the ripening so that I can use them in a recipe. Are you ready for this mouthful? Cream cheese stuffed chocolate chip banana coffee cake, this stuff is no joke! We didn’t have the pan requested so we baked it in two loaf pans and it filled both of those puppies up. It looked kind of skimpy but rose to be two times the size of the batter, be warned. It was amazing, but we didn’t need two so I asked Josh to drop one by my grandparents house this morning on his way to Tallahassee. Hopefully it made it in time for breakfast.

At the end of last week I was a little IMG_2107underwhelmed by my current knitting project so I started working on a crocheted Harlequin blanket, as well. It’s turning out pretty neat so far but I cant decide if I want to seam it with white or gray, thoughts?  Along with that my friend Kelli and I have started a local crafting group to try and meet more crafty folks in the area. It’s hard to get people to participate but so far it’s going pretty well. I’m still working on the knitted blanket, and also started working on a dream catcher with my friend Destini. I will get that thing wrapped eventually, I swear. My goal for this coming week? Finish a project! Any project, you with me?


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