Disney Days

Today is a two blog post kinda day isn’t it?


If you know my husband and me well at all you know that we love to take trips to Disney World! This year we splurged on annual passes in hopes that we could make it down one weekend a month. So far we’ve made our commitment and I’ve also been able to go twice with my friend, Emily. Somewhere in my house is a box that contains my Minnie ears, my Mickey bobble headbands, and my Mickey hat. Where is this box? WHO KNOWS? To our knowledge we have dug through every box in our closets but the hat box still eludes us! I decided I didn’t want to sink anymore money into Disney merchandise; I would rather spend it on food! I found a great little pattern on Ravelry for some understated Minnie ears and I got to work. You can check out the pattern for yourself here!

IMG_1806A few words of wisdom for these babies, use a plastic headband! A small skinny one with some teeth is fine, but do not use the slightly more comfortable version that has a bit of fabric over it. Those WILL NOT support the ears and it will be very loose and wobbly. That said, the plastic ones worked absolutely fabulously. I wore my ears for two days straight with no headaches or pressure on the side of my head. The ones sold in the Disney parks are great, they are more glamorous, and shimmery, but they also give me one hell of a headache every time I attempt to wear them. The best part about these is the price tag! A pair of ears at Disney cost $20 and up. I bought a pack of headbands which was a few bucks plus I already had the black yarn and fabric for the bow. These little babies are now stuffed in my Disney “go-bag” and ready for future adventures.



On my last trip with Josh I recalled a snow globe that we had seen in Epcot that I just had to find. We scoured as many gift shops as we could and I became discouraged that after all of that, maybe I had just dreamed it up. On the way out of the park Josh encouraged me to try out one more little shop positioned underneath Spaceship Earth and there it was! I didn’t dream it up after all. I don’t buy many souvenirs but for some odd reason I just had to have this little trinket. Whats your favorite Disney souvenir?




One day I was feeling a little bored so I decided I would try to make a Minnie for… something. I wasn’t exactly sure what it’s purpose would be because I had no idea what I was making. Its pretty rough, but since I was just playing, I wasn’t to worried. I could easily put a pin back on it, but I was looking for something a little more fun. Any ideas?? It looks a little strange as a necklace pendant and it’s a tad on the large size for an earring.



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