An Adventuresome Morning for Lily

This morning Lily and I went out to do some minor gardening. Grandma and Grandpa gave us some tomato plants, peppers, and ornamental peppers to hopefully add to the list of things we can keep alive. We’ll see. Right after I finished transplanting them into my big above ground planters, I realized I couldn’t find Lily anywhere, that’s not like her. Usually she’s standing in her corner of the yard, but she was nowhere to be found. At the same time, the man who was coming to fix the fence shows up, the doorbell starts to ring. I answer the door but remain mildly frantic. I’m glad he’s finally shown up, but it appears I’ve lost my Lily. Also it appears he’s too late, because…she got out through the hole in the fence. Long story short, I found her down the street licking things, her little puppy beard all covered in drool and soil. I’m so thankful she didn’t run the opposite direction to the busy street and that the man who noticed her also noticed I was a bit in distress and let me know he saw her down the road. So Lily is home safe and sound, my plants were properly transplanted, and the repairman is coming back tomorrow to fix a few things. IMG_1245

You might notice that I said her corner of the yard in the story above. Our dog has a lot of quirks, when I say a lot, I mean a lot. She walks backwards on wood or tile floor, spazzes out when she gets nervous on slick floor, sits around and licks at nothing, is terrified of just about anything including moving leaves or weeds that touch her leg, she freaks out if my yarn grazes her fur while I craft, the list could go on forever. She has run of the whole yard, we don’t limit her or anything but she has one corner that she loves! The fence holes are slightly wider so she can see out a bit and its shorter. EVERYDAY she goes over to that spot in the fence and sits and waits, occasionally whines. She waits until I walk up and then she does her little jump on my legs meaning that she wants to be picked up. Everyday we go through this, she just wants to see over the fence. So I hold her up to look at passing cars and the busy world outside of our backyard and she just eats it up. Do your pets have any strange quirks? Let me know in the comments below!




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