Soft Taco Sunday?

Just like always, we have been rather busy lately. I’ve been here and there, to Disney several times since we got back from CA and to Alabama with Josh on his work trip. I’ve also been spending some of my time supporting my friend with her new LulaRoe business.On Saturday we decided to drive a bit and check out a couple of houses that we’d  been mildly interested in online. We fell in love with the first house, who does that? We didn’t exactly think we would be head over heels for it, but it looked nice. Ever since we left the other day all we have done is dream about the house! I don’t think we’re quite ready to move into the woods yet, but we’ll see. Since we were in the area we stopped in for a visit with my grandparents. There’s certainly never a dull moment with our conversations.

Yesterday we lazed around a bit. Josh got some work done and then he was ready to do something else, but probably not the something I had in mind! I’m talking about making tortillas, wait, what were you thinking? If you’ve never made tortillas, it’s quite fun but it’s nice to have an extra person helping you. I did the mixing and rolling and Josh did the frying.

Afterwards, we decided to make fish tacos and they were some of the best ever!
Click here for the recipe I used, it’s for shrimp tacos but worked just as well for fish(I used tilapia). I did season my fish a little differently but not much of a change. I also subbed Greek yogurt in the slaw dressing because we were out of sour cream. I topped them with some of the Peach Habanero Hot sauce I canned in the fall, and Josh topped his with the Korean Pickled Jalapenos I made last year! Afterwards we climbed in the hammock and dreamed about “our house” a bit more.

I’ve been busy knitting for a friend’s baby and have another baby to get crafting for as well. Y’all gotta calm down with this =P I’ve been knitting a garter stitch blanket for Troy since a day or two before we went to California. I’m slow going, but I’m getting there. I love how the color combination is working up. Anything on your needles?


I should be back tomorrow with an update on an item that could potentially be in my Etsy shop if there is any interest! I still plan on opening it but with all of the traveling lately I am having a hard time nailing down a timeline. Thank you all for your support! =D

PS: While I didn’t include the tortilla, peach habanero hot sauce, or Korean pickled jalapeno recipes I will be happy to link you if you’re interested. 



2 thoughts on “Soft Taco Sunday?

    1. Check out the tortillas here:

      and the Hot sauce here:
      I did can mine in a water bath canner so if you don’t intend to can it, you might need to reduce the recipe by a decent bit. Or you can just start canning with me 😉 I don’t know if you can find that stuff in the exchange there. I eat this stuff on all of the things, now! It’s not terribly hot but it just adds a little flavor. Yumyum!


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