A Doily for Granny

There’s something to be said for inheriting craft supplies. My great-grandmother died whenever I was younger and she, too, was a crocheter and dabbled in needlepoint. I got more of a chance to know her than most people do with their great-grandparents and for that I consider myself lucky. One of the weirdest things about inheriting someone’s craft collection after they have passed is that you’re also left with their unfinished projects. I picked up this colorful crochet thread and hook that had a small shell design still unfinished,and all I wanted to do was finish what she started. Alas, without the pattern or any inkling of what she was working on I quickly abandoned it. It being National Drink Wine day I decided to do what any normal person would do, drink wine and crochet a doily. Oh? You mean, that’s not how you celebrated? Hmm. So with that same hook and thread I hooked a small pineapple doily. I’m not sure I’m in love with the colorway, but in some odd form or fashion it made me feel just a smidge closer to my Granny. Have you inherited any supplies from family members? The picture of the doily is during wet blocking. I’m too lazy to pin it right now, so it will just be smaller.


After finishing the doily today I had to scramble to figure out dinner. I settled on some sweet potatoes with turkey & black bean chili on top and boy were they good! I made a few adjustments based on what we have left in the kitchen. I need to go grocery shopping prettttty badly right now, so it’s safe to say every time I go into the kitchen to concoct something I feel a bit like a mad scientist. I also added a small spinach salad with this amazing lemon salad dressing. Seriously, if you have fresh lemon juice on hand throw all of the ingredients in a jar and shake them up. Perfection! Making your own salad dressing isn’t difficult and can save you a lot of money if you’re constantly throwing out expired dressings. Did you try a new recipe today? Link me to it in the comments below!


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