Hump Day

I have had one hell of a week craft wise, do you ever find yourself unable to complete even the easiest of tasks? The other night I was working on a hat for my aunt when I got a little overzealous. I pushed a little too hard on my double pointed needles, and oops, there goes about eight stitches off the other side! Knitting stitches can usually be recovered, but I was working in a lace pattern. I’m just not advanced enough to recover the two rows of pattern that unraveled, so off my needles it came.

The resentment built as I wound the yarn back into a ball. “It’s okay” I thought to myself “I’ll just crochet something instead.” So I pulled up a pattern for a kitty doorstop( you can find it here Moggy- cat doorstop), grabbed my hook, some Mardi-Gras beads to stuff it, and some cheap-y black yarn. I’ve been into amigurumi projects lately so this one worked up pretty easily. However it just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I didn’t triple check the placement of the safety eyes before putting the backs on, and the eyes were just much larger than the ones used in the tutorial. I didn’t think through the fact that a black cat would typically have a black nose…so embroidering one on just looked weird. I re-stitched his face several times before I arrived at what it is now. I don’t have much of a stock of ribbon, so it just got a scrap piece and it just sweetens it up a bit too much for me. All in all, at least I have a door stop for my craft room now!


The next morning I woke ready to take on a project I’ve been working on, my Powerpuff Girls cross-stitch pattern. I realized after I got to my craft meet-up that I bought the wrong embroidery floss and wouldn’t be able to work on it. At this point, I’m just over it, I can’t get anything right this week. Kelli let me work on a crochet basket that she had mostly finished, and it helped me get back on track. The rest of our meet-up went well and I even made a trip to Hobby Lobby to grab the floss I needed. I’m not sure about you but running into a craft store for one thing has NEVER worked for me! So I came home with a few things including some pots to make plant hangers for.

Last night I sat down, determined to finish a project I liked and enjoyed. Guess what? I did! Three little plant hangers complete and I feel like I’m back on top of the world. Isn’t it funny how a little mindless project like that can make you feel so redeemed? You can make these out of any weight yarn and they are much sturdier than other patterns I’ve tried. To make one for your self check out this Mollie Makes- Plant Hanger Tutorial. Thanks for hanging in there with me! With that being said, don’t let a string of bad projects get you down. If you are a maker, keep trying. Some days the creativity flows, but the execution is a tad off. Hop back in as soon as possible to make sure you don’t lose your motivation. Happy Hump Day!


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