Double Trouble

Occasionally a pattern comes along that just fits your needs, wa laaaaa! This Square Doll pattern originally titled “Miercoles Addams” is just that pattern! First of all, the pattern writer is great! I found her pattern on Ravelry and it was originally in Spanish. I can say hello, goodbye and a few other conversational things, but translating this pattern into English was just not in my wheelhouse. I messaged her and low and behold, within the week she sent me a link where she had translated on her blog. This doll is completely customizable with the original in the style of Wednesday Addams.

I have already hooked two of these bad boys, ahem, bad girls! One for me, Wednesday, and one for my little cousin, Eliza. Change up the colors, change up the buttons, stripes or no stripes, you do what works best for you. I plan on making another one that looks a little more monster-y, but my project list is a little long right now so that will have to wait.

To get this pattern and hook one of these cuties for yourself, hop on over to HamaBeadStyle. There are a few little things that were lost in translation that could confuse you. If you have any problems e-mail the pattern writer or feel free to ask me!  If you would like the Spanish version or to see some of the other dolls created with this pattern check it out here, Miercoles Addams!



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